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There are three ways I can think of to consider winning streaks: (1) consecutive matches between losses, (2) total number of wins between losses, (3) total number of wins between non-wins. As an example, consider Brad Nelson's run at GP Omaha 2017. Is that a streak of 15, 13, or 9 followed by another streak of 3? That's what the three different methods would say. In my mind (2) is the one that makes the most sense. Otherwise you'll penalize people for intentionally drawing, which is the correct thing to do in the tournament if they're in a position to do so. But I can imagine all three of them being of interest, so on this page I'll track all three. This page uses data going back to GP Philadelphia 2000, the tournament after the last hole in the data.

The table defaults to showing most wins between consecutive losses. You can change this to matches between losses or streaks consisting only of wins.

You can also view the active streaks in all three categories: wins since last loss, matches without loss, and wins only.