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This table displays records for players at the lowest-numbered table. This is typically table 1, but sometimes is higher depending on how the main event is organized in the room (as an example, at GP Pittsburgh 2016 on Day 2 the train started at table 253). In old tournaments where Day 1 was split into multiple sections, a match played at the lowest-numbered table in any section counts toward these stats.

There's no information about table numbers for GP Vegas 2013 Day 1, so those nine rounds are absent. Old tournaments are a little hit-or-miss as to whether table numbers are present: a total of 13 rounds from gpbar99, gpsd99, worlds99, and gpcap01 had to be let go from this page. Most of gpmem99 and gpphi00 are gone too.

Qualification for win percentage is ten results; win percentage only looks at wins and losses. Click a column heading to sort the table accordingly. (The record column sorts by wins.)