Paul Rietzl trails the series against Shahar Shenhar, 3-4.

event round table player one result player two
Pro Tour Gatecrash1028Rietzl, Paul (1886)Lost 1-2Shenhar, Shahar (2080)
Pro Tour Gatecrash1214Rietzl, Paul (1887)Lost 1-2Shenhar, Shahar (2073)
Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir410Rietzl, Paul (2129)Won 2-0Shenhar, Shahar (1878)
Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir199Rietzl, Paul (2045)Won 2-0Shenhar, Shahar (1932)
Grand Prix Toronto 2015625Rietzl, Paul (2114)Lost 1-2Shenhar, Shahar (1943)
2015 World Championship210Rietzl, Paul (2186)Won 2-1Shenhar, Shahar (1908)
Pro Tour Ixalan149Rietzl, Paul (2061)Lost 0-2Shenhar, Shahar (2076)