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This table displays every streak of results without an unintentional draw of 300 matches or more. Contemporary tournaments use the code "Draw D-D" for intentional draws. Some older tournaments used "Draw 0-0-3", "Draw 0-0-0", or just "Draw 0-0". All of these are counted as IDs. Any suspicious draws where both players benefitted by cashing or making top 8 were counted as intentional. Matches in top 8s are excluded since there's no risk of a draw in those. I've also ignored matches from Arena MCs since there's again no risk of drawing. If you think something in the table or in your history is incorrect, please get in touch! We acknowledge some guesswork went into this. The data for this page goes back to GP Philadelphia 2000, the first tournament after the last hole in the data.

You can adjust the table to show current streaks of length 250 or more, or restore the default.